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Terapia Física
Physical Therapy

The physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment has the purpose of improving funtional disorders of the organism, El tratamiento de Terapia física y rehabilitación tiene como objetivo la mejora de trastornos funcionales del organismo, prevention in decreasing the performance and maintenance of skills.

It takes charge of the disorders that imply implications to the body movement. PHYSIOTHERAPY is the "treatment of different diseases under the use of physical and mechanical means," according to the previous evaluation of the skills and conditions from the patient to improve skeletal muscle function. With the use of therapeutic exercises and training focused on the physical development and seeking to increase physical performance. Providing joint, muscle strength and elasticity helping to complete recovery of the musculoskeletal system.

The principles of the treatment include the application of therapeutic ultrasound, thermotherapy, electrotherapy and massage to reduce pain, inflammation and improving local blood supply. .

The goal of physical therapy is always to improve the physical condition of the patient and their independence.

Terapia Física

Therapeutic Functions

  • Thermotherapy: Increase local blood flow, vasodilation, muscle relaxation and decreased pain.
  • Electrotherapy: therapeutic electrical current that produces local analgesia with release of endorphins decreasing pain, muscle spasms and / or muscle strengthening.
  • Ultrasound: Increase local flow, reducing spasms and decrease pain, chronic inflammatory problems.
    Massage: Decreased pain, muscle relaxation and increased blood supply.

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