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Aplicación intravenosa de medicamentos
Intravenous Treatment

The intravenous treatment is the application of some regenerative intervertebral disc serums in a completely painless way..

The medicine is injected into the bloodstream and travels directly only on the injured disc or discs; other healthy or without injury, discs remain unaltered, since our drugs have their therapeutic effect only on damaged discs and the affected nerve or spinal nerves.

The medicine reaches the injured disc reducing it in size, resulting on the disappearance of the mechanical pressure on the spinal nerve and thus eliminates the pain and other symptoms of the patient, such as cramps, pickets, tingling, as well as loss of strength and numbness avoiding surgery.

Mechanism of action of anti-inflammatory agents of the disc

  • Reduces inflammation of the spinal nerve root involved.
  • Inhibits chemotaxis of white blood cells.
  • Clean crystalline deposits of uric acid and calcium dehidropirofosfato in the cartilaginous vertebral plate.
  • Increases the production of endorphins.
  • Fight the atopic element of the discal syndrome.
  • Shrinks or dehydrated the disc.
  • Inhibits amyloid deposits in the disc.

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