Dr. Eloy Ovando Sanders


Dr. Eloy Ovando Sanders he graduated in medicine at the prestigious Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. He did Ultrasound studies in the Henry Mondor Hospital in Paris, France, in the area of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

1980 – 1984

Afterwards, he worked as an international doctor in countries like Mozambique and Nicaragua.


Inicia diversos diplomados on Reflexology in México. At the same time he starts, on his own, developing hard investigations on the physiological mechanisms of Acupunture, what took him to visit worldwide well-known profesors, like Profesor Umiaf in Brno (Check Republic) and Profesor Jean Bossy in Montpellier (France).

Because of that, he realized on the importance of the spine as support of the whole body, protector and conducting cannel of the nerves, and how the position and diseases could unchain different illnesses.

There started his interest for Chiropractics, including it in his medical practice, as well as Ozone therapy.


He got acquainted with Dr. Michael Rask's work, who treated more than 7,000 patients with a 96% success. He is founder of the American Academy of Neurology y Orthopedic Surgeons, from which, Dr. Eloy Ovando Sanders is an active member.

From that moment on he has studied from a molecular level an action mechanism of disc regenerative medicine and ozone therapy in herniated discs and has succesfully treated thousands of patients.