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About us

Due the great succes and the patients needs, in 2005 he moved the clinic to Rio Mixcoac Av., in the south side of Mexico City. In 2007, the expectations allowed him to open a new clinic in Guadalajara, for being a city with sustainable development and a positive location. On the same way another clinic was founded in 2010 in Estado de México, and in July 2013 la most recent opening was in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

The attention given to the patients in Centro de la Columna Vertebral is full. Medical personnel, nurses, therapy and nutrition, all of them perfectly trained. All together can stablish the exact diagnosis for the dissease so then they can use the most accurate therapeutic option on each case.

The clinics are specialized on relief without surgery of the painful problems from the spine, specially herniated intervertebral disc. 95% of the patients get excellent results and avoid surgery. All the procedure is developed with a high index of safetiness and practically without any side effects.

The treatments are based on the used of the exclusive analgesic and regenerating formula from Dr. Ovando Sanders. It is applied intravenously, ozone therapy is applied in the zone that has pain in the spine or where the studies have shown the damaged in the intervertebral discs, also in the physical therapy, in control and in nutricional adjustment.